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Rachdale - CH 1 - Fall 1

Lets get into Fall 1 with CH 1. Princess and Queen
Queen decides to give this cooking thing another try. She now has a wish to learn fire safety. LOL. I would too if I had set kitchens on fire.
Someone knocked there trash can over and they got some roaches. My money is on Prince. He is quite the trouble maker. 
Queen was worried about Princess. She wasn't making friends or getting out much. She worked a dead end job for not a lot of money.  Queen felt that the bubble blower was part of the issue. She made Princess get rid of it but that just made her go to Bubbles and Cash to get her fix. 
Of course wherever she went she caused trouble. Prince was tried of being painted as the bad guy because he couldn't stand Princess attitude. She had been the same hateful bitch when they were in the asylum BEFORE her boyfriend died. Now she was just a junky and a bitch.  "Get out Princess. If you are gonna harass my employees just leave!"
Queen was moving up in her career and maki…

Rachdale - Crazyhouse 3 - Summer 1

Welcome back to the Rotational Legacy Challenge. The last household is Prince and Armory. I just love them so much.
The first thing they do when they get to their new house is woohoo. That's one way to celebrate being engaged. 
Prince buys his business to complete his ltw
The business is called Bubbles and Cash.. He makes about 1000 dollars but doesn't level up his business. No playables came to visit though which sucked.  I also have him greet the good witch .. It is always nice to have magical friends. 
He stayed all day and night so when he got home he was knocked out. 
His husband comes home from work and greets this walk by. They don't become friends but they hit it off. Then again Armory hits it off with everyone. 
The couple that bathes together stays together. They are a mood honestly. 
I turn Armory into a proper plantsim and then his fiancee wants to become one as well. Honestly for a romance sim he is more of a knowledge.
"That sex though."
That ends …

Rachdale - Crazyhouse 2 - Summer 1

Summer in the Crazyhouse 2 household with a bang!  An old friend/enemy shows up to welcome them to the neighborhood... 
Also to get some revenge on an old enemy.. I had them chit chat for a while trying to fix their relationship but it's not going well. 
The end of summer comes to quickly and I have Marco and Bonnie get married. Just a really small intimate wedding because aint nobody got time for setting up and that jazz. 
Neither one had work for the one day of summer so there rotation went by super quick.  ***Fun fact*** I left the game running by accident and they ended up having twins and both managed to stay alive which was a miracle. I quit without saving and started their round over. 
Crazyhouse 2 Summer 1 Bonnie and Marco

Rachdale - Crazyhouse 1 - Summer 1

Welcome to Rachdale! My Rotational Legacy Challenge. It has no real plot or anything just the lives of my Asylum patients. 
“I can’t believe we made it out of that crazy place. Now that I have my mind back I can finally start my life.” “Well hunnie are you doing alright after ... you know?” “No but I can’t dwell on it. I start my new job today, at the record store. That should help me keep my mind off of everything.” Princess and Queen chitchat over some coffee before Princess has to dash to work. Hopefully life is kinder to Princess outside of the Asylum.
Queen made herself a quick snack before her carpool pulled up. She was worried about her dear friend. She hadn't got caught up in the romance shit of the asylum or the enemy thing but she understood where Princess was coming from. She probably had it the worst in that place.
Queens daily exercise was interrupted when she doorbell chimed. She answered the door to be greeted by two new people. She had never seen these people before so …