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Johnson Towering Legacy - 1.1

Welcome to chapter 2 of the Tower Legacy. 
Darren is doing much better in this career he is already level 2
Finally baby time, 
Meet little Annabell ♥
Birthday time in the Johnson household. 
Annabell Johnson 8/8/4/5/7
Another promotion down. 
Mya teaches her daughter Annabell how to talk because toddler skills make it so they skill faster when they get older. 
Second pregnancy coming!!
Darren makes a friend that has the same outerwear.
Honestly if I got rid of promotion pics my chapters would be shorter then they are now. 
Darren is such a great dad. 
Baby coming!!!
The matchmaker lady brings over a genie lamp. I might use it but I don't know. 

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Johnson Towering Legacy - 1.0

Welcome everyone to a new challenge I started, The Tower Legacy. I saw it over at Boolprop and thought this was an AWESOME idea. Anyway, the challenge is easy enough. You roll for the amount of kids, which I rolled 6 (fuck me), You build another story onto the house every generation. Pretty much all there is to say. 
Anyway, welcome Mya Johnson. A gorgeous pre-made sim I downloaded. 
She watches birds while I build her 8x8 box. It... is cute but small. 
I opted for a bookcase over a chair sooo she stands up to studying a cooking skill. 
I get her a job in the police force as a security guard. 
A body skill is needed and I get her to jump rope. 
The welcome party comes and this gorgeous hunk greets us but only 1 bolt so no dice. 

Daily life of a single sim. BORING
We greet any and everybody that walks by to find a match since we are too poor to get the crystal ball. 

With all these promotions Mya is finally able to get that crystal ball and who pops up other then Darren J…