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Badaboom 1

Hey everyone, here we go again with another challenge. I tried this challenge before and failed miserably, I had way too many babies too fast and I got stressed out, now that I've gotten better at the sims 2 and have a flow I thought, why not try this challenge again. It is a simple enough challenge and should be faster then the other challenges I have going (bacc)
I have some sims you might already know, My simself and Strawberry! I wanted to see how their genes would mix and what kind of kiddos they will have. 
Strawberry gets a job in the military, in this life he is still a romance sim but toned down a bit. My simself has lost all good thought for she has 2 bolts with him, but then again who doesn't.
I am playing this challenge in my Freeplay neighborhood, I have quite a few personal challenges going in this hood so it's as good as any. The welcome wagon stops by to say hello and it has a nice mix of playables and townies. I should also mention all kids that grow up o…

New Bern - Santander

Lets get going with the Santanders'
Teagan makes a cake for her kids, where was time going? Her babies were now getting older. 

First up is Anita...

Here are her traits so far. She also got the successful family aspiration.

Next up was Dana.. I forgot to take a picture of his traits and I don't know what it is on my own. 
Teagan is going through some things so her and her husband fight eachother!
Then she kisses him to make up for giving him a black eye! Wtf.

They end with Anita finishing her homework and giving the pups a bath while her mother takes her anger out on the toys now. 

New Bern - Cline

Over to the Cline household..
Sterling was definitely a clingy toddler because he is so sad that his brother is gone. 
Or mad.. Like dude make up your mind and get over it. 

All of the late nights and hard work paid off when Sterling got a promotion. 
Even though Sterling didn't want to he went anyway.
He was really happy he went though because he met a woman that he liked a lot. 
Here are Sterlings traits. He, like everyone else, is creatively talented, His turn on is loves family orientated sims, his turn off is charismatic sims. LOL.

After a long day of working he heads down to the romance festival.  He takes Pari with him. 
They max their bar out and Sterling asks her to move in.