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Where are the parents?

Welcome back. I feel like its been a while since I've played this family so lets see what everyone is up to. Param is paying bills. $680.
Neso is painting, atleast I think that is Neso.
Arbi is thinking about ?.. Well that's new.
Oh look he leveled up. Always an awesome thing.
Sponmos, Hernia, and Octavio are all just kind of hanging out. Thank goodness Hernia is a teen now. She can become even more useful.
Why? There was perfectly good stairs right there...
It's the middle of the day. Gah that irritates me about night owls. Up all night and then want to go to bed around 1pm. No!
You know what, grow up. HA.. Okay I know I have a horrible sense of humor.
Will it actually work though? Did I fix the glitch?

Who booby trapped the couch?
Must be one boring party if you are just watching tv. Granted, its a pool party but no pool plus it's raining. LOL
Spolier alert . Arbi as a teen but not after her makeover. The point of this picture was to show you how different they …