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Shortie Dynasty 1.5

Welcome back! Last time Abby got a job and rejected. LOL
Erin: I can't believe he really threw up.  Erin and Neil talk crap about poor Abe.
On the other side of their house Abby gives the family another point. She has maxed creativity. 

Erin could care less about points and what not. She has a girlfriend. 

This update ends with some promotions. 
Total points: IDK

Shortie Dynasty 1.4

Welcome back to the Shortie Dynasty. Last time Abe grew up and the girls showed their personalities. The total points is still 8
Jasmine finally gets to try out her orb. She needs like 4 body skill points to get a promotion but unfortunately she only got 3 out of the 4.
Even Abe doesn't look impressed with his playing LOL. Abe: Dad where are you doing? Neil: I cannot listen to anymore bad music in this household. I'm out.
Abe: Rejecteddddd
Abe stayed up to wait for his mommy to come home. They are bestfriends. He has a really low relationship with his dad though.
Abby gets a headstart on her career with a job in culinary.
They still love each other ♥
Erin: Hey dad, is he alright? Neil: ... Yup. 100 percent.  Abe: I am not OKAY *Throwing up*
Total: 8

Shortie Dynasty 1.3

Welcome back to the Shortie Dynasty. The family has a total of 8 points..
Erins first action as a teen is to dance by the very nasty stove.
Abby is the more serious sister. Her first action is to help her parents out with Abe. 
With Jasmine being in Criminal she needs athletic skill so I buy them an orb. Erin is the first one to try it out. It doesn't go well for her. 
See, responsible ♥ She is tending to her mom's garden  
Abby was late to cool because she was busy skilling up cooking. She wants to be a chef so she needs the points!
Birthday time finally for little Abe. FINALLY
He grows up cute as a button.  10/10/9/3/1 Where the hell did that personality come from lol.
Total Points: 8

Shortie Dynasty 1.2

Welcome back to the Shortie Dynasty.. Last time we had 8 points.
Abby grows up beautifully. 6/5/2/10/3 Top Culinary
She rolls Family +Unemployed, Artist -Fitness She also likes men. Yay..
Neil could care less about these birthdays, he just wants to paint.
Erin was next!
She is still pretty ♥ 7/4/1/8/5 Top Athletic.. Prob won't happen because Abby is heir but whatever.  I decided that the first born girl will be the heir.
She rolled Fortune  +Aliens/Travel - Fatness Gay
Join us next time for more Shorties.  Total Points : 7

Shortie Dynasty 1.1

Welcome back to the Shortie Dynasty.. Last time we ended with 6 points lets see if we can bump this up.
Abby beelines for the violin whenever she can I love it. 
Adults only have 10 days to make shit happen and with his kids being children and toddler that means it's Erics birthday. Not Jas though, once they have there first pop they stop again.
He grows up handsome so all is well. 
Jasmine is a great mom and carves some time out from skilling for promotions for her little boy.
Thankfully she started this painting before Neil turned into an elder.
The girls get home from school and that means it is time for a double birthday!
Points: 7

Shortie Dynasty 1.0

Welcome to my take on a Short Dynasty but for the sims 2.. I think thats my niche. Converting challenges into sims 2. LOL. I have a list of how I'm doing the points and I will tally that up for you at the end of each update.. We are stilling in the middkle of the founding generation because I wasn't going to document this but then I fell all the way in love with the family and decided why not..

Here is my founder Jasmine and her youngest child, Abe. 
Her husband Neil.
Abby Shortie - Jasmines fist born
Erin Shortie - The adopted baby
Erin is cuter then a button and man I'm sad that she is just for points. 
Abe is a sweetie as well. With 3 kids and both parents have full time jobs, he doesn't get much attention but who cares he is skilling. 
This update ends with Jasmine teaching her oldest how to homework. A very cute scene. 
The points: +1 ltw completed +1 skill maxed (7) +2 max al1 skills +1 per gen (10 max) +3 private school +1 per gold badge +3 all toddler skills +…

TS4 TPC - 1.2

Welcome back! Last time, T and Johnny had a little baby boy and got pregnant again... Lets check back on them and see how they doing. 
T got invited out and I let her go but I forgot and I went off to care for my son and forgot about her. Idk how long she was in that bar but long enough to go thru her whole pregnancy cause when I came back it asked if I wanted to send her to the hospital alone or join her. Lets be glad she didn't die!!
Speaking of dying... At the hospital Johnny gets hit by lighting. I thought he was a goner for sure but he made it through.
T has her baby with a doctor that looks like fabio... I smell cheating in the future. 
Jagger Mata is born. YAY 
Another cute baby boy... with black skin.. This is annoying to MCCC we go!!
Cole gets a makeover to his mothers skin.. He also rolled Fussy which means I hate him. BUT he got his moms skin and eyes with his fathers hair so yay him.
Teddy grew up smashing. Really just a super cute dog..
Luna .. well she is struggling…