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ToT - 4a

Baby pop
He burned badly.

Adongo ages into an adult finally.
Adongo Black Popularity/Knowledge 5/8/6/3/3 +Great Dancer/Influential -Young Adult
He meets a woman named Carmyn. They hit it off beautifully

An engagment and marriage later, Camryn brings in 2k to the family before they move out. 
Goddess goes into labor shortly after they leave to twins. 
Bello and Jengo
Since they were born in the morning, they grow up later that night. Yay for timing. 
Bello Black
Jengo Black

ToT - 3b

The only girl born so far and she is so stinking cute!
Efua is pregnat again. This family and these damn babies!
Bronze fishing badge for Sango
All 3 toddlers spend a lot of time outside playing with there new toys. 
2nd bump
Silver gardening badge for Efua
Efua loves her step daughter like she is her own. They are best friends. 
This couple is so sappy but I love it. 
Finally baby time, bring on the girl...
Was it a girl? NO Another boy, Meet Obi
Thankfully with the birth of a baby means birthday time for the twins. 
Ayo Green 6/3/3/10/9
Ade Green 4/9/8/7/1
Ayo takes after his mom and fishes most of the time. 

ToT - 3a

Welcome back to my test of time challenge. We are back to the Black household. 
So this plantsim thing is not a good thing when you can't afford the lamps to keep them going!
Anyway little Dumisa grows up into a toddler. He is so cute.
I fork over the money to buy the supernatural picture so I can get rid of his plantsim problem.
We start with potty training asap as that is vital in this game. Aint nobody got time to try and run him to the potty for days.

Pregnant again, baby again. 
Abel Black is born. 3 boys yall. 
Little Adongo maxes his charisma like a boss. 

Abel and Dumisa grow up.
The house suddenly becomes very very busy. 
Dumisa Black 2/3/5/9/9