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Kingdom Come - Vigoz 507

With the war over and the settlers scattered the Ray's were feeling a bit empty. They had suffered a lot of pain in there years but they hoped their children would have better luck. "Mom, what are you making? It smells amazing." "An omelette. Did you want one?" "Duh."
Tiffany wasn't exactly pleased with her husband. He had made the decision to stay in Kingdom Come under King Amund's rule. "How long are you not going to talk to me?" Ken says without looking up from his book. "For however long it takes for you to realize this wasn't a good choice." "This is our home Tiff. We raised our children here, we fell in love here, we lost our children here. I am old! That's final." Tiffany slams his food down and goes to take care of the twins. 
With Knox now a man he decides to get a job learning the layout and the ins and outs of this place. He understood he was a foreigner in this land but he hoped his children w…

Genetic Roulette - 3

Fawn is now a teenager!
She rolls fortune, though her turn ons don't match at all.
Fawn is still miss popular.
She also wanted a kitten but has she touched the cat since she asked for it? NOPE

Even though Lloyd is a busy man at work he is a great dad to his kiddos.

These kids are seriously outgoing.. 
Little Rain grows up into a toddler
I would think I would be pulling my hair out but honestly this family is way more relaxed then any of my medieval hoods LOL.
Fawn gets a job as a door to door poller.
Is somebody pregnant again? I damn sure hope so.

Baby time!

Genetic Roulette - 2

I didn't realize Natural Science career requires so many skills. 
Moar babies, especially since we need 14.
Level 4
Fawn grows up into a toddler and boy is she cute. 
Baby time

Oh boy they are adorable asf
Fawn as a child.
I quickly find out everyone in this family is social asf

This isn't a nanny but she was very helpful nonetheless.