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Crazyhouse - The Asylum Challenge

Welcome to Crazyhouse an Asylum Challenge. 
Last night after taking 5 exams and getting really good scores I decided I was too pooped for any serious gameplay. 
I asked Tumblr what to play that wasn't a bachelor challenge and I got some great ideas but I went with the Asylum Challenge. 
I won't be keeping score.. When do I ever?
Anyway, I finished it in about 12 hours. So yay. 

The green looking plantsim is Armory Crazyhouse. He will be topping a career to get everyone out of this place. 

People start with the hugs and I know off the bat who is nice and who isn't

Armory doesn't have time for all that jazz, he has a job to get. 

He picks the Nursing career, a custom career I got from MTS.

A few of the subjects start a painting contest. The two on the end are the only ones that finish there paintings. 

It hasn't even been 24 hours and already people are passing out. This must be an omen.

Armory heads off on his first day of work. Lets cross our fingers for a promotion. 

He made some dinner before he left so the subjects wouldn't stare. What is up with sims not making themselves something to eat until the last minute?

Armory does get that promotion thank the heavens. It was around this time that I learned the stupid career was glitched. Not really a big deal but he wouldn't go past level 2 even though he had all the skills and friends required so I leveled him up. It only happened with certain levels and I always waited until his bar was full.

The exercise machine might of been a mistake but I'm keeping it. 

Princess has a thing for either King or Enzo.. I can't remember his name. Either way she heart farts him a lot!

After being passed out in her food long enough to get a green energy bar, Princess wakes up and heads to the bathroom. She didn't make it to the toilet because these two idiots were in her way. SMH

Prince is first to fall for food poisoning. Poor guy.

Back to the easel.

Prince then decides it's a good idea to get drunk with food poisoning.. Alcohol + Food poisoning = horrible outcome. I know from personal experiences.  

Enzo and Bonnie become good friends. Shout out to anyone who knows why this is so cute and knows where the names are from.. I ship it. 

See.. horrible time.
Is he really heart farting him right now?

Princess makes her move on.... one of the subjects (I know all their names but I don't know whos name is who if that makes sense."

Armory makes a friend for his job. Brandi. 

He gets no peace though because he comes all the idiots. 

Our first enemies. Yikes. 

Princess is making nice with the enemy of her boo. No good.

Finally, the subjects start making food. 

It catches on like wild fire.. Remember that I said that ...

With another promotion under his belt, Armory takes the time to relax.

With a nice bubble bath.

Though why you would take a bath only to sweat like a dog is beyond me.

The asylum has gone to shit... Princess is the queen of meltdowns.

Our first asylum couple.

Our second asylum couple.

Princess and Prince don't get along at all. Bonnie is just over the bs.

A stinky sim + shit talking =

A fight!

Prince is not pleased with the outcome. SMH

He takes that aggression out on Princess. 

The first woohoo. 

Fucking and fighting is what I should of titled this.

At least Princess gets happiness from somewhere.

Armory and Prince go out on a date. I wish more things were autonomous. Like dates and what not. 

Another promotion under his belt he is climbing his way up the ladder. 

Somebody finally discovered the radio!

Second woohoo!

Oh look, someone besides Princess is having a mental breakdown!

Everything broke all at once and I should of known that meant something bad was about ot happen. I was to worried about Armory dying though. Then I would of had to start anew with someone else and I didn't feel like it. 

Remember what I said.. 

Enzo died and what is his girlfriend doing? Primping.. 

Enzo wasn't the only death that night though, King died as well. Princess boyfriend died. I felt horrible for her. 

On the bright side.. Armory got another promotion.

It didn't take Bonnie long to get over Enzo though. 

After all the death some of the subjects decided some fun was in order.. They played a couple of games and got drunk. 

Princess had a nervous break down.. She is still getting beat up everyday and now she has no one to make her feel better. I feel so bad for her.

With all this money I bought them something new. Another fun object that also boost the body skill. I don't know why, it aint like they will get fat since they are all on the brink of starvation. 

Enzo popped up on everyone and only scared ONE person... Armory. *Eyeroll*

Two werewolves showed up and the only other supernaturals played with them all night. Bonnie and Prince are both werewolves.. I know I know.. But I might honestly change Bonnie to a witch because you know.. It goes with the flow.

Back to back promotions. Yipee. The only thing I don't like about this career for this challenge is the amount of days he has off. Like even early on in his career he would have 3 or 4 days off at a time. That was so annoying. 

Princess and Bonnie resort to drugs to coup with watching the people they love die.. Princess has more problems then Bonnie ofcourse because she is still getting beat up every single day by Prince... Who by the way is Bonnie's best friend hahhaha.

The final promotion was had and that meant the challenge was over.... 
It was a shit show let me tell you. The pictures are so few because I was in a state of worry all the time. Like everyone was always starving and Armory's cooking skill wasn't high enough for the foods that fill you up with one go. SMH.

That was a lot of fun though and I feel like it gives the sims some personality which is great because we all know 1st generation sims are normally boring. 

I am thinking of doing a rotational legacy type thing with the survives of my Asylum.. 4 are already paired up so it should be a grand time to see how their kids turn out and what happens to them and such.. 

I am even thinking of having the kids go into an asylum when they come of age.. And if there aren't 8 kids among the 6 of them then I will add new people to keep the spice! 

I hope yall enjoyed it .. See yall later!


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