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Kingdom Come - Despret

With winter coming the settlers are trying to stock up on food.

It doesn't help all the women of the settlement are pregnant at the moment and it is solely up to the men.

Breanna is having the worst pregnancy, her comfort tanks over every little thing. Shout out to Manuels best friend just walking into their house whenever she wants.

This is the beautiful picture Breanna painted. She only made 8 dollars but it's not like they need the money.

With a new church in town the settlers have decided to spend at least one hour there every season.

"So basically you all are in competition to see who falls where in the settlement?"
"Exactly! We don't have a king or queen yet, we won't know that until our grandkids become of age."
"What an interesting idea."

Manuel sees how much his wife enjoys painting and gives it a try, it isn't his favorite thing to do but it is a money maker.

Late that night Breanna goes into labor.

She gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl.



Manuel gets his fishing badge and starts catching more fish.

Breanna soon gets her fishing badge as well. 
With winter here the lakes have frozen over but thankfully Breanna were able to catch 4 more fish before that happen. The Despret had a very productive season. Two new babies and fishing badge galore they hoped they would make it out on top. 

Family - Cash In Hand - Networth

Zarubin - 787 - 13.188
Ray - 899 - 13.211
Adam - 1.901 - 15.301
Vijayakar - 4.939 - 15.492
Despret - 4.276 - 15.943


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