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Kingdom Come - Vijayakar

Told from Katelyn POV

Life in the settlement was becoming boring. We had a good sum of money in the bank but it was becoming clear we would never be royalty. This put me in a sour mood but sour moods help me think of my best plans. 
I continue to paint away in the quiet of the morning while everyone was asleep. This helped me think as well. Soon though my husband would be awake asking for breakfast, my daughter would be banging away on the pots and pans in the kitchen and chores would need to be done. I hated my life. 

I got an unpleasant surprise while painting, I was pregnant AGAIN. How could I let this happen? No one became rich by having a hoard of children. 

Soon enough like I predicted, my husband was up and begging for breakfast. At least this morning he got our daughter to the potty. 

"Hi, this is Lexie, I am returning your wifes call."
"My wife called the town whore? For what?"
"I am unsure. She didn't say just she needed to speak to me urgently."
"Well you best be on your way."
I overhear my husbands conversation with Lexie the town whore. I had finally figured out what I was going to do about our money. Lexie seemed to be living a good life since her husband died and everyone knew it was due to her many clients.

Of course I couldn't start whoring anytime soon. I had to birth my babe first but I could ask questions about it. 

Lexie arrives within the hour and my husband goes out to greet her. I had to admit she was a very beautiful woman. I send my husband to the garden to work so I could speak to her in private. 

"So tell me, how much do you make?"
"Is this what you called me over here for m'lady? To wonder about my profession?" I laugh at that, profession. I wouldn't call it that but I guess I should stop judging as this will be my life soon enough.
"Yes. You are always at the shops with more money then everyone except the Adams. How much do you make?"
"I charge 1000 a client though I normally only take one man a season."
Shocked Katelyn pauses. She only takes one man a season. She was no whore at all as her husband had only just died. 

In came my husband before I could question her anymore. He was furious!
"You invite this whore to my house to inquire about her lifestyle? Have you lost your mind? What will people think?"
"I don't actually care what people think, I only care about being filthy rich. I thought you would understand, especially since we have a child on the way."
"NO I DON'T UNDERSTAND KATELYN. NO wife of mine will be a whore." 
I roll my eyes and leave the room. I didn't have the energy to argue with him.

I walk out to see Lexie playing with my dear sweet Malina. I had to remember she was just a widow making the best of her situation. 

Despite our sour moods, we plaster a smile on our faces for our daughter. Today was her birthday.

She grew up a good mix between her father and I but I knew a storm was coming. It came faster then I excepted.

"No woman in this house will be a whore, especially when our daughter is old enough to know what you are doing. It would ruin her chances of ever finding a suitable man to marry her one day. You have to leave. Get out and never come back."

Even though tears were streaming down my face I had a secret smile on my face. My life would finally be my own again.

The only thing that hurt was to watch my baby girl cry and not be able to do anything about it. Grant wouldn't even let me soothe her. 

"...It's okay baby girl. Everything will be alright now."

Grants POV

Mere hours after I had kicked my wife out a woman who had been hanging around the house offered me everything under the sun. I politely turned her down. I was in no mood for the company of any  woman.

As the whore was leaving, I decided to stop her. 
"Listen, I have no ill will towards you. I just dont agree with whores. It is not what I want around my daughter."
"I understand M'lord. Have a wonder night and happy spring."

I look over at my daughter and the picture she was painting. She got the artist skill from her mother because lord knows I didn't have it. The picture she painted broke my heart but it was accurate. It was just her and me now. 

Early the next morning my beautiful daughter woke up early to weed the garden. I was having a proud dad moment. She would make an excellent wife one day. 

A week later my best friend, Rose, came over to check on me. I had forgotten how beautiful she was. Shannon was a lucky man.

By the end of Spring I knew how to plant better crops. This was the main food source at the moment, let the watcher be with me. 

A/N:Literally the craziest 3 days in my game so far. I rolled Become a whore for them this round and I didn't know how I was going to play it out but it pretty much played itself out thankfully. 
They aren't poor but they are far from rich like the Adams. 
When Malina started crying when Grant kicked Katelyn out my heart broke but it was good for the camera.

The poorest family so far is the Ray family but we still have two more households to go so who knows. Not to mention the Mazza now has another mouth to feed plus a child or more on the way.. Though unless they find men to marry them, whore are the lowest of the low/slaves. So interesting household to come.

Family - Cash In Hand - Networth

Zarubin - 1.176 - 15.080
Ray - 1.086 - 14.097
Adam - 32.486 - 57.123
Vijayakar - 4.131 - 17.659


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